NEWSTRACK: Donald Trump’s Immigration Ban, and BBC’s view on it.

On January 29th, the BBC held a sort of live feed covering Trump’s Executive Order/Immigration Ban. Any article about it featured on the feed had side links to related articles, generally giving more information on who the ban affects and how it would “work”, as well as a live feed of protests against the Executive Order and interviews with immigrants affected by it. (

On top of that, the main article on the subject, “White House stands firm over travel ban,” sheds more light on the subject as well as showing reactions from lawyers/law experts and other countries. (

Over a week has passed since then, and the BBC’s focus as of February 8th has switched from the inner workings of the policy to Trump’s own reaction to a series of challenges issued by courts nationwide which was then taken to the Court of Appeals earlier today , where both sides of the question shall be duly analyzed, examined, and will result in a decision “later this week.”

Following in line with my previous Newstrack post on the BBC’s coverage of Trump, the BBC’s language on either article is succinct and slightly curt, using short sentences to their fullest to deliver the facts in a direct, no-nonsense manner – yet there is still that slight tinge of irony that seems to be a signature of the BBC’s writing. Why else would they, in the middle of an article on Trump’s reaction to his immigration ban being taken to the Court of Appeals, write that “Also on Wednesday morning, Mr Trump criticised retailer Nordstrom after it decided not to stock the new clothing line of his daughter, Ivanka Trump”?

The articles on the courts’ reactions mentioned above also have two notable supplements: the article on Trump’s own reaction comes with the following graphic ending the article proper, presumably as a reminder for those who may have forgotten about how the American system of Checks and Balances works:

Graphic showing checks and balances on US government

The article on the Court of Appeals’ dissection of and debate over the immigration ban comes with a reminder of just what exactly Trump’s immigration ban entails, as well as some facts pertinent to the overall reaction to it:

BBC what is the ban.PNG

To end on a different (yet not lighter) note, here’s a non-Trump-centric article that still manages to be about Trump.  I joke, but in all seriousness – it’s quite the read on the rise of Dutch politician Geert Wilders, a  man who was once arrested for hate speech and promoting racist ideas, and who also (non-surprisingly) writes for Breitbart. Perhaps the most chilling quote from the BBC’s article on Wilders comes from Dutch columnist Folkert Jensma, who says that “a politician should be very careful and try to keep telling the truth. Is their fear based in reality? If everyone heads off to la-la-land where everyone is scared, we all end up with a president like Donald Trump.”

A good reminder to keep your eyes open to the other Trumps of the world, and some good food for thought.


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