NEWSTRACK: BBC and Visuals

In their articles, the BBC often uses more than one image to illustrate their points – but not in the way most would expect. The best and most recent example of this would be in the article “Demonetisation: Will India’s rupee ban decide a crucial election?” published this Wednesday the 15th on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ban of the 500 and 1000 rupee notes and the further effects and political implications this will have in India.

BBC best chose to visually supplement this article with the very people being affected by the rupee ban, who will also be the ones voting for whether Modi’s party, BJP, will succeed in the upcoming elections in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.


The captions of the images still tie it to the article, of course.


Yet note how refreshing this is – in an age where when we talk about politics we immediately think of those in power (and how they’re using said power), this is finally an article that focuses on the people. This might banal, yet with this the BBC gives focus to those legitimately affected by these policies.

On top of that (quite literally), the BBC also has short videos at the top of most of its articles, with text in-video to give even more information on the topic. Conveniently, most of these videos (and even some exclusive content) can be found on BBC News’ Instagram account:


In all,  the BBC knows how to use visual media to its fullest to convey its message in their articles, which only makes sense – the BBC did start as a television channel after all.


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