NEWSTRACK: BBC, Facebook Live, and the Westminster Attack.

On March 22nd, a lone terrorist attacked several people near the Palace of Westminster in London, England, injuring over 50 people and killing four. Being Britain’s premier news source, the BBC was one of the first to cover the attack – and, as is expected these days, the BBC set up a Facebook Live stream in real time as updates of the attack occurred:

Since Facebook added livestreaming to the array of services it offers, it was natural that there would be a livestream of the attack. Yet with the addition of real-time commentary as well as captions giving a textual update as the events unfurled, it almost felt like watching the news on TV. While the BBC does have livestreams and videos on their website, doing this on Facebook puts the BBC closer still to its audience. Only time can tell if this use of Facebook Live as a second sort of television will continue, both with the BBC and elsewhere.



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